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I was impressed to see you 
After so many years,
 Remained unchanged.
I can hardly believe that 10 years
 Have passed so fast. 

 I knew you as a boy but in the meantime,
 You became a man,
 A conqueror for the other girls.  
But look at me, I became a woman.  

It's weird, but you're the same,
 The boy I fell in love with many years ago. 
 While we had big dreams, 
Time passed among us.  
Our first kiss is still burning on my lips.

  We are two children with some extra years, 
Too shy to be closer to each other.
 We were meeting in secret, do you remember? 
 We were afraid of the reaction of our parents.  

What more to ask, 
I think tonight we can no longer sleep, 
We have a lot to tell from the last trip.

  I still cannot believe that we are becoming
 Mature  with the new responsibilities
 That we did not have, during our high school.  
We need to allow time to do its job,
 And I hope one day we will see each other again.


  • Feb 26, 2020

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