Let Me Be Read Count : 14

Category : Poems

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Let me dream of you as you really are,
Beautiful without makeup,
With kindness within you.

Let me paint you as no painter could,
To outline your hidden perfection,
Besides the color, fulfilling you with love.

Let me lose my sorrows in your smile,
Let me be the reason for your smile.
  Let me count the stars being in the same room,
Let me be the fragrance you want to use today. 

I would like to be in the place of the pillow
That spread your thoughts on,
To be one of the people you think about
In the middle of your lonely night.

I would like to be the dream that comes to mind,
I want to be more than just a man
Who has passed through your life.

  I close my eyes and the thought of you
Takes me to paradise,
Let me inside your heart
And never send me back.

Let me be your favorite song
And the rhythm you dance to.
  Let me protect you,
When you no longer find power,
let me love you until my body will die.


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