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I thought you had strong feelings,
 I thought we would go far. 
 But you got lost fast on the way
when people started talking about us.

  I thought it might just be a phase,
but your indifference froze my senses. 
I felt helpless,
 tasting the bitterness of loneliness.

  I thought we were going to be strong,
and no one was going to beat us,
but the silence of the last period
made me understand
that I am not your priority, to speak. 

All the good things came back in my memory
and I don't know what to believe.
  Why did you care about the noise of people,
who have always tried to break us apart. 

Jealousy brings me uncertainty,
and it is hard for me to know you
 in the arms of someone else.

  I thought we would continue
 on the same road,
but you got tired after the first fight
and you stopped going.
  I think it's hard to reconcile with the idea
 that now, we are just two strangers.


  • Feb 26, 2020

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