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Now I know it over for good 

No more hoping 

No more worries 

I’m just enjoy your company 

Without a worry 

I’m simples going to start fresh 

And start new 

At least your  still in my life 

Now that I know it over 

I’m setting you free 

I’m setting you free 

So I’m glad you were mine 

Yet we weren’t meant to he 

I’m glad we happen 

And so now I’m setting you free 

Now I know where overs for good 

Hoping you be

Hoping you find the love 

The love I couldn’t give you 

Now I know it over 

It time move forward 

And be honestly to myself 

I finally realize that we aren’t going 

To get back together 

So the only choice I have is

Let my feeling for you change 

And let you free 

So we both can start new 


  • Feb 25, 2020

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