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Why do we lie 

Hide our truth feeling 

Sometimes when we say I’m fine 

Are  we really 

Deep inside you know it a lie 

So many question 

That hasn’t been answer 

I’m fine is respond we tend to used 

Everyone believe it

But are we really fine 

Sometimes I’m fine 

Read the tone 

Read the tone 

Because someone who say it 

Are breaking apart 

Trying to keep it all together 

All you gotta to is ask 

Are you really fine 

Or is just mask 

A simples act of 

Can change someone 


Don’t stop 

Make sure 

Because maybe you be 

Saving someone life 

And give them hope 

I’m fine 

Read the tone 

To make sure they really are 

Sometimes people are just use to respond like this 

Even when there broken 

Or about to break apart 

I’m fine meaning I’m dying instead and I help but I’m not brave enough to ask 

It a call out for help

Dont miss it 

Read the tone 

You could be saving someone life 

Just ask 

And they be honestly 

They will thank you 


  • Feb 25, 2020

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