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   I recently answered to a comment on Quora Digest, because I felt it necessary to tell the story I'm about to tell you. The topic, was referring to why are educational system is so poor in the United States. This is true, I won't deny that the educational system is poor. However, when seeing this specific persons answers, I saw their reference to bringing back discipline. A frightening part of my childhood, which I told them about. There was a reason why discipline was removed from schools, and I am a living embodiment of that reason.
   In fifth grade, I had a teacher who suffered a great deal with mood swings. Mostly due to the fact that she was trying to go through a procedure to make herself become pregnant. The problem here, lies with her actions though as I will explain. If you remember my history, you remember that I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at 6 years old. This is not uncommon, but I was diagnosed with spinal dystrophy at that age which is usually not confirmed until age 13. I struggled at my young age with the physical aspect of school. Particularly writing was a very difficult task for me. We were required to write a 5-page paper, and I couldn't even complete one page.
    When I turned in the and completed assignment, she made me stay after class. I thought, she was going to help me work on it but instead she told me that I was required to write I will complete my assignments a very excessive amount of times. The amount of times on here, was unbelievable and made me sit through my lunch period. I could not accomplish this task, and I broke down crying and ran out of the classroom. I went to lunch, not considering the condition I was in in the lunch lady noticed I was behaving much differently than usual. She invited me in the back, and noticed that I was having difficulty holding my fork. When I told her about what happened, she told me to go straight to the nurse and told her what happened.
   I was terrified, and she told me that she would take me to the nurse. She encouraged me to tell the nurse what happened, and the look of astonishment on her face was indescribable. She was shocked, as the teachers in my class knew not to ever go to such extreme measures. I was in pain, and the nurse called my mother and I ended up going to the hospital to have my wrist scanned. Fortunately, there was little damage to the muscle tendons. This wasn't the end of it though, because my mother let the let the school have it.
   It was then immediately, whenever they grouped my teachers together and reminded them about my problem. It went so far as legal officials were pressured to investigate what happened. The truth was though, even as a child I knew that they wouldn't make the school do anything. The school, never really punished the teacher responsible which cost me so much harm. This was a taste of reality, why schools are being forced to prevent abusive behavior. It's so sad thing to say, but the truth is people generally target the a people generally target the weak or people who they don't think and defend themselves or won't have anyone defending them.
   This, skewed my vision of the people who would teach me later on. It was fortunate that nothing like this happened again, but I still remember that day and every time I think about it my wrist aches. I remember the burning skin from my tears, and I will never forget the look on the nurse's face whenever she was informed of this injustice. This is the reality of abuse in schools. It's not simply about punishing students for doing something wrong, but the abuse that goes into how they handle situations. This is a small fragment, that's what made me the way I am today. Maybe I should be grateful, because this has given me a reason to fight for the innocent children who are being abused him schools everyday, by people who should know better.


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