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I lost years of my life,
 Being as they wanted. 
 But now I feel much better,
 Being myself, even though I lost them.  

When everyone made me think, 
That I would get nowhere with my attitudine.
Today, I feel wiser after how many problems
 I have overcome.

  You can't deny who you really are, 
When you look in the mirror,
You have to be proud,
About your reflexion in the middle.

 A spark flashes in my eyes
 That have cried so many nights.
And what I feel now,
 I cannot describe. 

 I got rid of the limits
 That existed only in my mind.
 And I know that the road of knowledge,
Is not over here now.  

When I will look at the sky, 
I want to feel that I could fulfill,
 My purpose in this place where I'm living in.

  You can travel anywhere on this earth, 
But no one will teach you,
That before you can get along well with others,
 You have to understand yourself better. 

 Don't be ashamed of what you can feel, 
And always assume the consequences.  
When you are alone,
 Use the same mood you have 
With other people around.  

I lost what I didn't need
 But I gained my soul
 Not just a body to live in.


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