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You finally found perfection
And you think you’ve fallen in love
You’re looking in the wrong direction 
Whether looking down or high above

As the relationship develops 
Do not be surprised 
As all his personality envelops
He is no perfect prize

Love can grow and flourish 
When you fully understand 
It’s his positives you nourish 
You can be his helping hand

If you try to change him 
Or if he does the same
You’ll meet with strong resistance
 Do not look to blame

Accepting faults and differences
Is a challenge each one meets 
Even subtle inferences
Should be cautious to repeat 

If there is a a mutual desire
And both are willing  to give
You can maintain that love-lit fire
To enhance the way you live

It all comes down to knowing 
Despite the negatives present 
You can still  bask in love’s -glowing
Compromise may make it more pleasant

Perfection may be a goal
But it’s rarely a reality
The effort is good for the soul 
And you  can’t change personality 


  • Feb 23, 2020

  • Feb 24, 2020

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