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Many plans have been made without sense.
  Someone snatched you out of my arms.  
The same question burns my thoughts, 
How can you change your feelings so fast?

  I was ready, you were still looking.  
And when you found something else,
 You took me out of your way,
 Loosing out my mind.  

For you it didn't matter 
 Letting me with doubts.
  What could I do better? 
 I never would have thought...  

I feel like a loser,
 Haunting among other hearts
 That are already broken 
By the people, without any doubt.

  I thought I was dreaming about a life in two, 
But your dreams shared with another,
Are my loneliness now, until will disapear.

 Waiting for you to come back?
  Even if you realized the mistake,
I know you, you wouldn't do it. 
Because you are proud.

 Moments of vulnerability?
  Maybe that's enough.  
Be loved by the person you already like.


  • Feb 23, 2020

  • Feb 23, 2020

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