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because i loved you

rivers of tears have fallen

and never-ending regrets and questioning

deeply pained with nothing to do

except to weep and take all the blame

resented the day i followed my heart

over my mind

i maybe crazy to have let this happened

maybe blinded with the hope you feel the same

i knew it all

still, i let my heart out

said things so surreal

you never expected to hear

only to be neglected


some things aren’t for you, i know

one truth that caused me a million death

oh so many times i have wanted to turn back time

only to be sorry for it’s just too late

mistakes took over and we were apart now

unbearable pain have been felt

cursed my heart for loosing a trusted friend

hated myself for making things complicated

it’s a nightmare i wish i could have escaped

looking at you from a far

oh, was the saddest part of my life

vivid thoughts of you have haunted me

everyday and every night

you were always on my mind

but i needed to wake up and forget you now

yearning for you will never be right

echoing voices in my mind telling me to stop

because loving you will only break my heart

you will never be mine

EVER, in this lifetime!!!


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