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Love don't use rule to be right.
Dreams have no stair to climb a step.
Chances are not measured to be equal.
Money's are not magnets
To keep attracting money's.

Happiness loses it's price
When you try to buy it.
Often, the enemy walks in disguise,
Trying to be for you a good partner.

With just what you learn in the school
You will stay repeatedly,
Until you will understand the rouls of the society.

There is not templated to be perfect.
The words do not feed me,
To swallow them.
My soul is already loosened to sending you now.
The words without facts
Will be always nothing concrete.


  • Hira Fatima

    Hira Fatima

    nice plz read my story

    Feb 23, 2020

  • Jul 01, 2020

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