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If u wanna to know your self but u have no idea no method to recognize ur self then concentrate on the formula of human personality and the formula is:
H H H=human 
Heart head hand
heart mean emotions(sympathetic ,apathetic) head mean ur thoughts(which type of) hand mean actions (how u act in different situations) .... 
It will help u to understand or recognize ur self ...
We are living a useless life do u think what is ur purpose of life what is ur talent where are u stand at this time nd where u wanna to stand or establish ur self ...
Think about ur self ...our souls are sad our souls want our attention...


  • nice!

    Feb 23, 2020

  • Hira Fatima

    Hira Fatima

    thnku @roxana

    Feb 23, 2020


    Feb 27, 2020

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