One Billion And A Dime Read Count : 22

Category : Stories

Sub Category : YoungAdult
     A billionaire was really sick with cancer. He had too sons. The older one had a huge ego and didn’t think about anyone but himself. The younger one was a kind person who only did selfless acts. In the father’s will he gave the older son one billion dollars and the younger son only a dime. He knew that the older one didn’t deserve it but he knew what he was doing, he had a plan. We the father passed the older son was only focused on the money he was going to get, while the younger son was very sad and missed his father very much. When the got there money the older son immediately started spending it. The younger son looked at his dime and had an idea. He went to the store and bought a pen. He got a new job and used only that pen. He made lots of money got got a few promotions. He eventually founded a large company and later be can a billionaire. Meanwhile his brother had lost most of his money and was in debt. After he heard about his brother’s success he went to him and asked home how he became so successful. His brother shared his story with him. The older brother begged him for money and told him how much he regretted his decision. The younger brother looked at him for a second, then gave him a dime. 


  • Feb 23, 2020

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