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     The mysterious flying monkey has only one image of it. A drawing made by an old explorer. It shows this strong animal in flight. It was in pencil so we don’t know the color of this animal, but we can see a monkey like creature with its tail under its legs. It’s arms had claws and it’s wings are about three feet long and one foot wide. It had dark feathers with thin white stripes. Nobody has ever survived the flying monkey. The drawing was found in a bottle floating in the Caribbean Sea signed T.R.E. People have debated whether it means Tyler River Edison or Totally Real Explorer. 
     There are many theories about the flying monkey. One says that the author of the The Wizard Of Oz was secretly telling you the location of the flying monkey, but we don’t know for sure because we are to lazy to read that book. 
     Their main diet is leaves, bamboo, birds, and rabbits. So they are omnivores. 
     One day proof came that the flying monkeys are real. We have a hair of a monkey and a feather. 

Edited 1/9/19
We just realized the proof means nothing. A  DNA test shows the feather is from an eagle. 


  • Feb 23, 2020

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