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I'm not who you think I am

Some day

You will finally see,

The true me

Unless I never show it 

Can’t always keep a mask you know 

I've always been trapped inside my own mind, 

blocking those dark thoughts 

Always wonder how twist is 

I don’t even know how deep or dark it 

Afraid of what I could find,

If I just let go

The younger me who me chuckle right now I bet

She say you can never leave us 

We are part of ya 

To be honestly I believe there right 

I once close the door 

ButI guess is just once open up again

To be honestly I’m futher then I taught I was 

Who am I 

I don’t even know anymore 

I’m so lose 

So confuse 

So I’m sorry 

You never know who I really am 

Because I don’t even know who she is anymore 

 I have worn so many mask 

So many facade 

So many act 

Who am I 

I’m not who I am

Because I’m used to acting 

And pretending 

I’m the happy going girl 

I’m I the girl girl who perfer to be In shadow

I’m I the silly girl 

I’m not sure 

I’m lose 

I’m trying to figure it out myself 

I’m not who I am

I’m not the one who you think I am 

Because I don’t even know myself 

Somehow along the way

All the mask made me forget who I was

So now I guess it time to finally remove this facade and mask 

To finally see who I really am 

So I’m not sorry 

I’m going to be the real 

If she still exist 

No more mask 

No more facade 

I want you to know 

I’m not who you think I am



  • Feb 22, 2020

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