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Let me hide shadow

Just how it was like before 

Pretend that there no one there 

Just me, myself and I 

No worries to worry 

Empty mind 

Let me hide shadow

Darkness over take me 

Let me hide shadow

Let me pretend  I’m invisible 

Just how I use to be 

Let me hide in darkness 

Let the darkness over take me 

No feeling need 

No more tear 

Let me invisible 

Pretend I don’t exist 

Because that how it used to be 

Don’t try to bring the light 

I like the darkness 

Darkness consume me 

Let me be part of it 

Let me hide

Let me hide 

Let me hide in shadow 

I want to be alone

And that only  place I can be 


Let me hide 

Don’t want any of this feeling 

I just want to be numb

Yet this feeling still exist 

I don’t want to feel it anymore. 


  • Feb 22, 2020

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