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     We, humans, are all a collective eternal consciousness. But what does this mean? Remember, nothing in the world is what it appears to be. We believe our reality exists within a physical realm, but that is not the case. It is another illusion, for everything is made of vibrating atoms—energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. 

     We live within a sea of dimensions, each tuned to its own frequency, like radio stations. Consciousness is constantly reproducing itself as Creation expands into the void and infinity. At the highest level, the highest frequency, is the original consciousness, or "Christ" consciousness, from which everything has come. It is the sum total of all that has been learned and experienced since Creation became conscious. This is the level you could call the Source, or God. I prefer to call it the Source. It, too, is constantly evolving by observing and absorbing the experiences of all aspects of itself on the lower frequencies. 

     The Source is the Super Mind from which everything has come. I have used the term ‘mind’ to describe the eternal part of us, because I prefer to avoid the religious connotations of ‘soul’. But mind, soul, and spirit are interchangeable terms to describe the amalgamation of energy fields that animate the physical body and which never die. These exist on what science calls the sub-atomic level which is why we can’t see them. The energies normally vibrate too quickly for our physical senses, although some sensitive people can detect them. 

     What we call ‘ghosts’ are entities–minds, spirits,–on other wavelengths. They often look misty and transparent because we are not seeing them from their frequency, but ours. It is the same when a radio dial is not quite on the station and you get a fuzzy, less-than-sharp reception. The dominating station will be the one nearest the dial but you will hear other stations, too. In visual terms, that is what is happening when we see a ghost. If you were on the same frequency as the ghost, it would look as real as you do.

     When we talk of people ‘seeing auras’ they are observing this consciousness around the body. It can be a glorious tapestry of colours, our ‘coat of many colors’ which changes with our moods because colours, like everything else, are energy vibrations. As our state of mind alters, so do the subtleties of our vibrational state. These energy fields, aspects of our mind, reincarnate into countless physical bodies on this planet and elsewhere. We are all inter-dimensional, in that we are here on this planet as part, and only part, of our evolution. Each of us will have had past lives throughout what we call history. We have been here many times in so many different situations and races. 

     Through the law of karma or cause and effect we are creating our own futures with every thought and act, because it is true that what we make others experience we will ourselves eventually experience to balance out our evolution.

     Not too crazy, I hope. But this is just the setup for something more unbelievable. Science has evidence of all of this by the way, but still, only holistic healers and alternative medicine doctors are practicing things of the sort. This is what should be taught in school. There should be a separate subject on Energy and how it works within us and the world. 

     If energy and consciousness make up everything in the world, why is it not taught in schools?

     There is a very insidious reason for that, as well as why mainstream science still claims to deny these facts—labeling them as metaphysical or pseudoscience. As we fall down the rabbit hole, this next part is where it picks up speed, flipping you and the world upside down. And its not the worst part, either. 

     (To Be Continued…)


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