The Girl In The White Dress Read Count : 13

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
This story is about a girl,who passed away at the age of 16.One morning she woke up and got out of bed,she wore her ordinary clothes which is just a black hoodie,to cover the scare's on her arms,and some black leggings and black socks with some black shoes.As she walks down the stairs,her mother walks up to her and says"Darling,you need to stop hurting yourself.",she looked away and mumbled"Fine.",her mother then walked off,as she turned her head,and started to walk to the living room.Her father got up with a beer bottle in his hand and he shouted"Oi b**ch!Get me more beer!",so she went to the kitchen and took the beer out and threw it at him.

Her father was not happy,he got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen furiously.As he went in he grabbed the girl and pushed her to the wall,her back hit the wall and she groaned in pain.A few hours later,she was about to leave class when her bully pushed her against the locker"Oi,did you get my money",she shook her head no"Huh!You don't have the money.",her bully punched her in the stomach,she fell on the ground gasping for air,then her bullies start kicking her and throwing insults at her.

To Be Continued 


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