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Summer love that has died out in the fall,
I thought I was living a dream.
But living separately then I realized,
That I was not for you and I deceived myself.

Wonderful eyes with sweet voice,
You telled me beautiful words
To lead the lie to seduce.
Closed wounds open others in return.

Scars that hide dissapontments.
Perplexed at what humanity wants.
Falsness overcomes the common sense.

You cheat on me many times,
But I am out of your torment now.
Keep going , fly further .
I remain with a wing, even if it's half broken.

Don't try to get back out of the way.
Like you see, I become immune.
Heavy words thrown like dice.
I used to think that love still exist.

Take a deep breath even for me.
Bear me in mind but away.
Be able to love everyone.
Stop hurting again.


  • Feb 22, 2020

  • Feb 22, 2020

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