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     Ever since middle school, I knew there was something different about me; something that set me apart from most of my peers, but I never knew what. It wasn't until my early twenties when I'd find out there were others, many others, all over the world that had what I'd thought to believe to be a lonely curse. I had learned at an early age that I had a very unique perception of the world and thought about things in a much disparate way than others. I didn't know how to explain it though, so I kept quiet and let adults label me as a "shy" kid. 

     After several drug rehabs from an addiction that was a result of not only inherited genes, but also a direct result of unwittingly turning down my high sensitivity with downers—alcohol, heroin, and opioids. 

     Before I knew of the many others with similar sensitivity, I was aware that I could feel things others couldn't and could also hear high-pitched frequencies that no one else could. This was proven in a Sound Acoustics class while we were taking a test, my teacher would sometimes play these really high-pitched tones at a low volume just to mess with us. The class picked up on most of them, but when he played a very high note that was like nails on a chalkboard, I looked up and asked him to please stop. His face was priceless, like he'd seen a ghost. 

     "You can hear that?" he asked. 

     That's when I looked around the room and saw that no one else had noticed it. 

     Other than that, I could feel when someone was upset or angry, even when they have a big smile on their face. It's much like when you meet someone new and you get the sense that something isn't right about them. They're uncomfortable to be around. Then later you find out they had taken advantage of a girl at a party that weekend. Bad vibes. This would be extremely uncomfortable for me to be around. 

      In school, I had no idea what was going on and thought maybe everyone was like this. But when I spoke of it, I received the look as if I was crazy or making stuff up for attention. This is where the drug use came in. Drugs not only allowed me to escape the insecurities and loneliness I felt, they also turned down the sensitivity. I could feel like a normal person for once, so naturally I became a drug addict. 

     Five rehabs later, at age 22, I'd discovered many others like myself. Learning more about myself, I was trained in Reiki I and II—energy work, or feeling and moving energy in myself and in others. I learned that this was a sort of gift of some kind, even though it has never felt like that. 

     Of course, I felt love and compassion, which were much stronger feelings than anything else, but throughout the last decade, those were felt less and less. I thought that it was because of me. Energy flows where the attention goes, and my focus had been on a gradual slope of negativity. It's like fear, depression, and anxiety were in the air like airborne viruses. A sense of dread blanketing the world. 

     When I spoke to others and my teacher, a Reiki Master, they too had picked up on this. But, it wasn't anything new. It was something, like our collective human consciousness, that has been here for a very, very long time. The worst part is that the majority believes it to be nothing more than a mere conspiracy theory. 

     I'm here to tell you in my last few entries on this Outlet, that it is indeed a conspiracy, but one that is as real as you believe to be real. If you choose to ignore it, you are playing into the system that doesn't have the ability to feel love and empathy. It wants to see you and everyone in this world eradicated or as a slave. 

     The information I will share in the next few posts will seem unbelievable and surreal. The best way to become aware of everything and understand what is happening all around us is to forget all that you have been taught—by your parents, teachers, the media, politicians, celebrities, anyone other than yourself, including me. All I ask is that you read the information I will present to you, then go out and see for yourself. Do your own investigations and question everything. 

     This is the entrance to the rabbit hole, the one that leads to what is actually happening in the world. And it is extreme disturbing, to say the least. 

     (To be continued…)


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