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Imagine if you will . 
A tiny house. A tiny hill.
No one there that cares about you.
So it don't matter what you do.

Poison is your daily pick.
You drink it down it makes you sick.
Swimming around within your head.
So sick now your almost dead.

The sun breaks out another day.
They want you out. You choose to stay.
The poison there , you take a drink.
Confused , but it will help you think.

Now they are at your door.
They've had enough, they'll take no more.
The poison gleaming across the room.
Drink it now and meet your doom.

Somehow the have gotten in.
It's only you. You'll never win.
You got the poison in your hand.
Leave me alone is your command.

The tears are streaming out your eyes.
The words they say are ugly lies
You drink the liquid down real fast.
Poison isn't meant to last.

And this time you go at will.
The tiny house, the tiny hill.
Now that your away from there.
You realize that they did care.
char 2020


  • Feb 21, 2020

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