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Some people like the live in the past. 
They are not able to look to the future.
 And when you want to talk with them,
They speak about the things
 That marked their existence.

 Some think they know all,
 But in fact, it's impossible. 
Some of them want to be what they cannot.
Are living to creates false imagine.

There are people lying 
And when you catch them, 
They thing was your blame.
 And some speak only words,
Don't want to make it facts.

 Some build high walls around 
And move it it's not easy.
 And when you try and see that you can't,
 You're moving away from them, slowly.

 Without feeling guilty, you want more,
And you are really afraid to trust it again.
 But you're standing up,
Removing all the dust,
What was being the lie.

You want everything or want nothing,
Because you can't be always
 In agony with yourself. 

I would like the change this mentality,
  Hitting from left to right like barbarians, 
Only to collect some money in accounts.

 It hurts and I am wondering
 Where is self respect?
Not long ago, everyone was equal. 

Let's not look for wealth. 
The wealth of all to gather in, 
Think about it. 
It's in vain to live a life like this.
Always in defense with each other.


  • Feb 21, 2020

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