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My fingers touch the strings and a song comes to mind. I feel a burst of gratitude in my heart. My fingers on the song that I want but won't come out. People say I am crazy for thinking that my mom can  hear me through my music, but I ingnore them because my heart is beating the words she wants me to hear. I hear a door slam and know it is dad. Home from work early. Hope he didn't get fired again. Even if I am working part time at NASA dose not mean I get enough to feed my two sisters and my dad for a couple of months. "Hun can you pay the power bill this week. I just got fired".Also including the power bill. " dad you know I am trying to save up for this art school and you at least need three hundred dollars per year. I am so close to two hundred dollars. Also how did you get fired this time. Stealing money like last time!" I scretch with frustration and disappointment. "I know honey, but just this last time for me"? Dad pleads." That is what you always say , but it is never true. The only reason I do it is for my sister's because you know what mom made me promise before she died."I rage on. "So you will" Dad says in confusion. "Yes"! Isay with confidence. I am not afraid of what he will do to me. He then walks out of the room and says " I am off to bed".Like he always is.


  • Mar 17, 2020

  • Very nice! Could use improvement

    Mar 17, 2020

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