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Love is Love. Love is a blessing. Not just something the gossip about, wondering what your friends will think. I've been that guy once. Wanting find true love too. Considering the fact that, I've seen half of the student population of my Middle School all ready been there and done that, hanging out in the hallways miles away from there classrooms chilling with there boo. Kissing and hugging you name it. Sure was something sufficient I've wanted to have in  a long time like never before . For sure didn't let it bother me though and soon got through my classroom room door. My friends and buddies and on and about. It's what all I receive all my life, which  what I don't like about. Funny friends and roasting friends, and last but not least friends that are really bad friends. I received that negatively all the time, even though that's not what I hope as mine. I'm like a bully magnet. Attracts them all. I though  look like those smart wimps and nerds, but that's not what they see in me at all. Boys and boys it never ends. It's why I've wanted the change  with my own hands. Months and days went day, of me hanging out with my friends so desperate at the time. Not to be alone and to by myself. Still, keeping education up, leaving love downhill. At the time of my second year at my stated middle school year I recall not the say, was with only my true friend Austin Crane on that day. Oh yea! We got settled in our seats. And talk the talk. Not knowing the girl of my dreams walked to were the table we were seating in! To be continued............


  • How you guys felt, about my life story?

    Mar 17, 2020

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