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"Hey,just because am watching you giving all sorts of harsh words doesn't mean am weak."she said.Her name was Mara.As she was on her way home from school,some of the girls decided to start a fight with her.Mara was know to be one of the few students who welcomed whatever hard situations that befell her,but this time round she had,had enough of being silent.This time round she had it on mind that it was her time now to act.One of the bullies tried to fight her but it was all in vain.What they did not know is that Mara knew kungfu and she used all techniques to defend herself.Luckly enough,none of the bullies was seriously injured.After seeing death upon there way,they begged for forgiveness and they all became friends later on.You know what,sometimes its for your own benefit if you come out from silence and decide that it time,i fight.


  • Mar 17, 2020

  • Mar 24, 2020

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