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I used to feel like I lock 

My real self in cage 

Hiding her from everyone 

Not wanting to get hurt again

So i push people away 

Hiding what am really feeling 

Locking myself 

Didn’t want to let her fly 

It feel like I was trap in 

Spider Web

A strong one 

I couldnt get 

But one she  saw the light 

I felt Renew 

The fear of being hurt  

Didn’t overpower need anymore 

The pain was gone 

The cage I felt trap in 

I made it my home 

She was no longer scared 

She was no longer afaird 

She was ready to be free

Ready to experience new thing 

The lie she was caught on

Was flying going away 

She no longer free 

She was happy 

The cage wasn’t anymore. 

She starting fly her own wing 

Starting she want the good in fertile 

Inside of bed 

Her smiles isnt fake 

Her eye doesn’t show lie

She was relax 

She was content 

She was herself 

She was no longer getting

She starting a new start 

Learning to love herself more 

Each day 

Letting her wing growth 

She free 

She no longer 

Have to fake smiles 

Because she was happy

The cage she was found trapping 

Was helpings her more then she taught 


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