The Tale Of Gemini The Dragon Bender Read Count : 7

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
There was loud banging at the door. I was screaming while my mother was trying to calm me down. Me and my mother were hiding. She decided to run out there and risk herself for me to be safe. The door slammed open. "WHERES THE GIRL?!" It was so loud the ground shook. I calmed down and was quiet. I was now listening to what they were saying. "I'm the only one who lives here. So I don't know who you're talking about." It was a quiet voice. I heard screaming from my mother. "GEMINI!!!" Then I heard a different voice come from her. "GEMINI!!" I was woken up by my friend Cleo. "What's wrong?" I sat up in my bed. "Gemini did you forget that there's training today?" I was confused at what she was talking about. "What training?" She smacked the back of my head. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" "Because we're training for a the war." I remembered. It was a tough time. The war was because the elves of the forest refused to pay our king of dragons respect. "Oh....that war." I was so tired I flopped back down on my bed "did you have that dream again? Your never tired when you don't have that dream." She was right. I only slept during the day when I had that dream. "Yeah...I had that dream again.." " have to accept the fact shes dead. If she was alive I doubt she would recognize you if you found her." 'I hate it when your right Cleo.'


  • uwu

    Mar 17, 2020

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