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Mind at peace as the night calm my rest

Every thought was silenced as the stars shined through the window 

No thoughts of the past no pain from my actions of those times

Dreams were of home as I was picking my life up off the ground

No brick was to break as I walk around instead of run through 

No anger, no pain, no war, and a lot of change

Reflection of happiness showed in my stare

God my peace and salvation comes from your love 

As I rest and my mind settles it’s from my faith in God 

No more alone patience as God fixes what’s wrong 

Love is in my heart as peace in my thoughts

Every trial and tribulation can’t break me my heart follows a mighty God

Every step prepares me for my calling as every stumble becomes part of my testimony 

When God calls you every ounce of you must hear 

Walk on God’s path as your fears disappear 

Every step there is two sets of footprints but were there before 

Yes you just never looked at the sand until you peace needed to find home


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