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Missing motivation as my heart bleeds slowly 

Wondering why are love was so hard to handle

Still staring into thin air as every emotions fall from my eyes

Hold a lost hand touching an invisible heart

Maybe things do happen but maybe things do hurt

Can I sleep at night will my dreams still be sweet

What will I do without the woman that loves me

I guess time heals all wounds but maybe that person was never in love

Missing those eyes that make heart quiver 

Missing that smile that change my darkness into sunshine 

Missing the way you made me accountable for being a man 

Walking in the dark reaching but no one is there 

Love stops as it floats away on my tears

Wish I had done something’s different and more things right

Stop hoping because I will be sleeping in a lonely bed tonight 

Stand up man I am but a king without a Queen is who I am 

Love you to the moon and back

That love that brought me from darkness out black

I love you Queen as my heart melts this Pain I have never felt 

I love you Queen as my motivation in past days 

I love you Queen my only true dream


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