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 A blazing wall of fury burned in front of me. The orange flames licked the black sky, reaching, rippling in the whistling wind. A deadly dance meant only for those who dare defy it.
 "Breeze!" A voice cried. A voice I knew.
 I peered through the flames, and barely caught the outline of a women through the fire. Inside the burning house, it's wooden walls charging black, the roof aflame and caving in, a beautiful woman stood, face emotionless. Her golden hair the color of Sunfire, her burning gaze the color of the flames surrounding her.
 "Breeze." She breathed, kneeling, her chocolate brown dress catching on a splinter, ripping it.
 And through the wall of fire separating us, the woman, my mother, gently smiled at me. 
 "A great darkness is coming. And only you can stop it. You must find the Ancent Temple. It is hidden, and only one person knows where it is. Find him. Look for him in Neskar. The gate of the world relies on you. Run. Go!" She shouted before she stood. Whipping around, she ran deeper into the charing house, until she disappeared from my sight.
  I should have ran after her. I should have saved her. But instead, I ran.
 I ran away from the blazing house, my home, my life, the memories turning to ashes right before my eyes. The night was arm and sticky with the smoke and dark ashes, but all I felt was a growing coldness.
 I ran across our small yard behind our home, towards our neighbor's house, looking for some kind of help or refuge. I skidded to a stop, eyes wide. My neighbors house was surrounded by horses, and men in black armour, just like my own scorched home. The Huntsmen have found us.
  I stood there, horrified as I watched a man walk out of the house. He was far away, but I could barely make out his facial features.
  A long, jagged scar ran down his face, running diagonally from the left of his forehead, to the right of his chin. The man closed the door, barring it shut. His cold, dark eyes blunted maliciously as he took out a match and lot it.
  "No." I whispered.
  But no one heard me. And the man threw the match to the door of the house.
  The house burst into flames, the fire consuming it greedily. I could hear the faint screaming of the people trapped inside, being burned slowly alive, and choked back a sob. I wished I could help them, somehow. But I couldn't move. And I shame myself for not doing anything, for watching the people I called friends, the people who were my family, watching them be slaughtered, the town that welcomed me,  the town of Chara, burned to the ground.
  And I hadn't done anything. 
  I turned towards the dark woods behind me, looking dangerously close, and ran. I ran away from the fire, corpses, and blood. Away from everything I knew.
  The wind tugged at my long, pale blond hair as I faced towards the woods, reminding me of the glowing gold color it used to be. The darkness of the woods suddenly seemed almost inviting, a refuge from the horrible glow of fire.
  I ran into the woods, cutting my bare feet on tree roots, sticks, and the occasional sharp pebble. I ran as fast and as far as I could, through the shadows. Tree branches and twigs scraped my skin and snagged my hair, but I barely noticed.
  Because my life would never be the same again. Pain would now be a simple  pleasure I wouldn't have.


  • Atheena Bloodgood

    Atheena Bloodgood

    Note: The main character is Breeze. She is a Wielder, or holder of Sunfire. Wielders have very rare and pure souls, and they also have the power to manipulate the energy around them. They take the energy and forge it together with the unique energy of their souls, creating Sunfire, which looks like golden fire. Wielders typically have golden hair and eyes. The Huntsmen are trying to kill all Wielders, therefore trying to kill Breeze and her mother. I'm this scene, the Huntsmen found Breeze and her mother and burn the town they live in, Chara, while trying to kill the two. Breeze's mother sent Breeze to run while she fought off the Huntsmen, sacrificing herself after giving Breeze a mission to save the world. If you hadn't figured it out yet, this is a fantasy world.

    Mar 17, 2020

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