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I lay in the bunk bed, hoping they'll reconsider. I'm in a boat, parked at the dock. I'm trying to remember every word that was said in the morning. "It's gonna be colder then you know of, after they dock, you'll have to walk a mile in the snow alone. Then you'll find farm land, they'll provide a map of where this farm land is, but it's your choice on what you do on this island. You'll be alone with the degenerates." I'm not gonna lie, some of the stuff I did was bad, but I don't think it was that bad. They charged me with the worst crime. "You've been found guilty of 'attempted murder of the planet'. There for you'll be sent to an island to think about what you've done." The judge said. They told me the island was near Siberia, and that they would only give me a coat, and blanket. 

The next morning I look out the window seeing crowds of people watching the boat, holding banners, each one was different, but the same, they each had a drawing of the earth on it, but each had a different symbol. A guard walked in the room. "What did you do to cause this, there always crowds, but not ones these big." He said. "I voted for a bill that I believe would make life better." I replied. "I voted for the Alaskan bill." "Oh, that's why. It was very controversial. are you ready to be alone?" He responded. "I don't know, I'm scared what will happen." I replied. "It will take 1 day to get to the island. That's a day to cough up the names." He said. "There are no names, I voted independently, I didn't group." I replied, I was annoyed how many time people asked me who I worked with. "Oh... I guess your screwed." He said sounding depressed. "We're leaving the dock soon, but your gonna be paraded around the city first." "Well, atleast I'll get to say goodbye to the USA." I replied. "Didn't you grow up in Alaska?" He asked. "Michigan." I replied. "So that why your being exsilded, you illegally voted. It's an common mistake." He said. He then walked away. 

An hour after my conversation I was dragged out by the guards, and put me in an electric motorcycle. As the police drove me down the main street I saw people on the sidewalks watching, some were on the second floor of there apartment. These apartment were made of glass, and steel, each apartment has a green house on the top floor, most apartments were 9 stories tall, because of over population. We went through the city, then they made me go into the cities green house. They knew people were in there ready to beat me, but they refuse to come in with me, but they would guard the exits. As I walked through the green house the insults were all the same, 'your stupid'. Although there jokers were the same, they each try to seem different. I was lucky that only 3 guys jumped me, and that I only had a sprain ankle. After I was done in there the cops brought me back to the boat, and we left America. 

We finally make it of the boat, it was fast for a sail boat. As I'm been escorted by another guard gives me a map, and a coat. As I walk off the ship, they prepare to leave. I look at the map, and see that it shows the island, and Siberia. It slowly sinks in that they gave me the wrong map, they gave me one about all there prison camps. Even though the island was small on the map, I was able to see where the farm land was. The map showed the territory, and more importantly, which Siberian camps were abandoned. I begin to walk away from the docking zone. I saw icebergs in the water, the snow was 3 feet tall, and the sky was an icy blue. It was as cold as an Michigan Winter, but the problem was that it was Summer. It was snowing enough to create another foot in an hour. 

"What if it's a fake map?!" One man said at the meeting. "Ethier way we escape." Another said. "How will we build this boat?!" Someone said. "There a forest, let's use the wood." The man who found me said. "Siberia isn't that far away."

The father I traveled the less, and less it snowed, and the existing snow slowly lowered. I've been walking for half an hour, and I still can't see the farm. The whole time tall trees covered me from the snow, but now there more, and more trees. After I've near finished the mile I can see a clearing, and smoke. I then noticed a icy stream heading towards the clearing. The sky turned from a icy blue, to a icy green. 

I ran into the clearing, it was the camp. The ground was dirt, it was hard, some parts were mud. Every step I took made a deep footstep. Someone waved me over, as I walk towards him he began talking to me. "You need to go to the leader!" The man yelled. Then a 50 year old man began walking towards me. "Are you a Zoomer?" I asked him from a distance. He replied with a chuckle. "You can say that, I'm one of the six zoomers still here." He yelled back. "Would you like off this island?" I asked. Then everyone look at me. "Of course!" He yelled. "I have on of there maps, there an abandoned camp nearby." I yelled. He then ran as fast as he could towards me. "Let me see it!" He yelled. I grabbed the map, and unfolded it. He took right out of my hands. "Oh... we need to make a boat." He replied calmly. 

Everyone was creating boats, me, and a few other guys carried the logs to the shore, were they would be used to make more boats. We had already created a few, enough to carry the leaders, and a few of the hunters, but we need enough for half of the people, then we would come back for the other half if it was safe. Anyone who wasn't making a boat was preparing food for the journey. 

We finally left the island, trying to find the camp, luckily I was allowed on the boat. It took us all day, but we made it to land. "Siberia?!" Some yelled. "It's Siberia!" On of the leaders yelled. We began unloading the boat, it will take us an hour to walk to the camp. "Let's go, the global government doesn't have an amry, let's go before they get one." On of the leaders yelled. There was alot of forest on our way there, all of Siberia was a concentration camp, but was ment to be a global park. The snow was up to my legs, the tree reached the sky, and we could hear wolves, and bears the whole time we walk to the camp. 

The camp was abandoned, it looks like no one has been here since 2021. "We're armed!" Someone yelled. "There a stock pill of guns here." The doors to the camp opened, the other half had arrived. "We're gonna be independent. The world tried to kill us, now we will destroy the world order!" One of the zoomers yelled. "Let's have the flag be the old ussr flag, and be know as, the unoin of camps, or uc." He then pulled out the map, he drawed a circle around the area we were in. There were 22 areas in Siberia. He also added harbor 15, and 14. "This will be our country, and we'll represent all of Siberia! Once we've taken over the hub, we'll make our demands to the world order!" He yelled. 

This is part 1 of the book, part 2 will be called. 'The down fall of unity.' Please leave a good review.


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