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When it comes to the shipment of bulk liquids, flexitanks are emerging as feasible alternatives to conventional techniques and personal care companies have also recognized their benefits. The large, impenetrable bags that fit in shipping containers can ship up to 24, 000 liters of liquid. 
A flexitank offers numerous benefits: it can hold much bigger volumes per container and can permit one-way shipments. Their use for shipping liquid ingredients and cosmetics is a serious consideration. As such, many companies are using them to ship products such as shampoo. If you're considering the transportation of shampoo, here's why you should use Techno Group USA.

If you're looking for flexitank companies that treat your merchandise with due diligence, Techno Group places flexibags neatly in dedicated racks. They also ensure installation takes place under the appropriate situations-sheltered against the wind, rain, etc. 

Simplicity, Safety, and Economical
The versatile containers carry a wide range of products; they can house food and non-food products, for instance, oil or shampoo. They further decrease loading and installation time. The installation of this bag can take about 30 minutes and the load can take from 40-50 minutes based on the kind of merchandise. Additionally, the transportation of the bags can occur by sea or land. 

Experience and Dedication
Techno Group's tanks provide impressive capacities for transporting bulk liquid. Their dedicated team carries out the capabilities by ensuring your merchandise arrives on time and intact every time. The company has extensive experience as experts in transporting bulk liquid and can handle every phase of the process while increasing the overall efficiency of their operations. 

Due to the inefficiency of drums and other bulk methods, you can decrease your end price per unit when using Techno Group's containers. Even if you decide to transport your shampoo with a tank truck, it's easier and cost-efficient to use flexible tanks manufactured through frequency welding. 

Instead of paying the hefty charges of hiring a tanker, you could opt for a conventional freight truck and load a liquid tank. Since the container is lighter than metal drums, tankers, and bulk containers, it's possible to ship more liquid products at a time, decreasing your unit costs further. 

Lower Labor Costs
Consider the amount of work that goes into your ordinary liquid transportation. You have to fill a drum, seal it, shift it onto a pallet, seal it, stack into a shipping container, and seal the container. 

You'll discover considerable effort and time go into the shipping expenses. However, by engaging the services of Techno Group to set up flexitanks for sale into a trailer, you have the tank set up in the shipping container, so you just have to pump the liquid before sending it on its way. Upon arrival, it simply needs pumping from the trailer to the storage containment directly, further lowering the labor cost. 

Choosing plastic over drums could be less environmentally strenuous, making your shipments much greener. Since plastic doesn't corrode, you don't have to worry about rusting drums and environmental contamination. On the same note, plastic is recyclable, so once the plastic tanks have met their lifespan and require replacement, you can recycle them into other products. 

By reducing your labor and unit costs, it becomes easier to offer a similar product at a reduced cost to consumers by altering the shipping method.

What a Flexitank is
The collapsible container comprises numerous layers of polyethylene with an exterior reinforced wall consisting of interwoven polyethylene material. Its collapsible feature implies that it's ideal for use in an already existing 20-ft container where it's positioned and used for the transportation of non-hazardous liquids. 
It works to transport consumable liquids, for instance, milk and vegetable oils along with non-edible ones such as industrial liquids. The container fits well in the ordinary shipping container where it's put while empty and filled from there. 

The advantage of using this container as a method for transporting bulk liquid is that the container's walls offer extra reinforcement without conducting extra and costly modifications to the transportation mode besides including bulkheads. They're accessible in sizes ranging from 16-24,000 liters, making them ideal for transporting bulk liquid. 

How Flexibags Work
By using RF sealing technology and plastic welding, a manufacturer can produce watertight seals and air on any size of plastic bag through dielectric or RF sealing. Manufactures can then make PVC, vinyl, and other durable thermoplastics into large-scale waterproof containment bags. 
Since radio frequency welding is capable of sealing numerous layers of plastic, you can layer various plastic sheets to generate a safe and long-lasting container that can resist cuts or punctures well. The tanks then become easy to use by integrating unique valves to make it easy to take out or put in whatever liquid you wish to fill the flexible bag. 

Handling Procedures and Installation
It's advisable to use a shipping container that's less than five years old and it should undergo visual inspection to make sure it's structurally undamaged. Moreover, it should comprise functional locking doors that you can operate and secure as intended. 

Ensure the container is rust-free and free from sharp edges that might compromise the container's integrity.  When it comes to the installation, the container should have cardboard to prevent abrading against the container's material. It's important to wear protective shoes throughout the installation to prevent damage to the material lining the flexibag. Remember, only specially trained workers should fit and position the tank in the container.  

The transportation of bulk liquid requires the appropriate means to ensure the safety of your merchandise. That’s why you need the services of a reputable company such as Techno Group USA to meet your unique needs.


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