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                                If not everyone than at least majority of us have found ourselves have fallen out of love, even though some of us like myself have fallen out of my relationship as well as the very Truest, Unconditional Love in which I could've given that kind of love to someone is from within the very deepest my broken heart, which now you stand in front of me wanting me to Love you like at the very beginning of our relationship even after you've placed your hands that in which didn't hurt that bad as the physical black eye that not only embarrassing as well as downgrading as the woman that I once was but, what really had done me in and has made me not only look at you differently but also has made me fall out of love with you, is when you actually had thought you had killed me then shoved me out backwards of our passenger door, which then you locked me out like you've done a damn thing wrong, which done me So Much Damage as a female, as one in which thought at one point thought I had actually found Mr.Right  who would Love me back as I loved them as well as unconditionally love which I of course was wrong, but instead helped in your twisted Fucked Up Way to Control This Woman and took WHATEVER was left of her at least that's what you both believed, which just goes to show you that the way you treat your significant other can cause them to Fall Out Of Love as well as Look at you differently, which means Babe, you can ONLY Blame Yourself of Me Falling Out Of Love with you,as well as Why I Can NEVER Love You The Same Ever Again!!

                   WRITTEN BY: Donna Ruttenbur     ORIGINAL DATE WRITTEN: March 15,20


  • Mar 16, 2020

  • This just might be one of my favorite pieces of work of my own, I hope you who have happened to take a liking in my style of writing also like it as well

    Mar 16, 2020

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