A Story I Put Together From What I Interpreted Out Of The Bible Read Count : 10

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Sub Category : Adventure
Have you ever though about the fact that man is the only creature god created who has to wear clothing to cover himself. All the other creatures grow fur some feathers others others scales or leathery hide but all are clothed from the inside out most people don't realize it but in the beginnimy man was clothed that way too be was made in the image of god and if youl look in Ezekiel 8:2 you'll find that god is clothed in fire from the loins up and from the loins down that fire is his glory emanating outward from his innermost being when man was first created he was like that too he was covered with the very glory of god it radiated from his inner being outward that's why he had no sense of nakedness until after he sinned and the glory departed from him it was a tragic day when man lost that glorious covering but I want you to know something today it's not lost forever the word of god says we can gain it back you see when you put your faith in the blood of Jesus and were born again the glory of god once again took up residence in you it may be well hidden right now but believe me it's in there and the bible says that as you gaze into the Lord's face by studying the word and fellowshiping with him as you renew your mind to understand who you are in Christ you'll be changed into his image on the outside as well as you learn to hear his voice and obey it you'll start giving outward expression of the glory within you little by little you'll be turned inside out instead of simply staring into your closet every morning spend some time gazing at Jesus and be holding his word let him clothe you in his radiant presence once his glory starts shining through anything you wear will look beautiful on you 


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