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Where did all the time go it just seems like yesterday that I got here truth be told I haven't made any positive use of my time while I've been down all in all I didn't do the time I let the time do me I have done all this time twice and flat on my ass when I get out what the hell am I even getting out for at least in here I have three Hots and a cot out there ain't nothing given to nobody my family abandoned me long ago my friends showed me their true color the minute I step foot in here and my girl let's not even go there it all happened so fast and now it's fixing to get real when I first started this bid I couldn't even see this bar down the road looking back it didn't matter anyway everything was a blur today though thinking about the day they let me out that gate that is clear as day I'm not really any different now then when I stepped out of that cop car in Chains a year ago now that I am face to face with the future the time I have done doesn't seem all that bad what socks do is the thought of starting all over from scratch I've been out once before when I got out I really thought I was going to make it I went back to where I grew up and try to find a job and get settled in everybody I ran into who knew me from before they halfway listens talkin to me while looking at someone else they weren't really listening I tried to tell them I was a changed man but it didn't matter you know this is depressing I sometimes think the system is designed especially for me to fail I feel like the boot is against my neck and I can't move I'm not looking for handouts just something different and anyting to keep me from coming back to the Chain Gang if I don't find anything I'm going to do what I got to do I refuse to go around not having anything I just hope I don't get caught again if I do they ain't letting me out and I ain't having that that's real do you connect with what I am saying the writings of my hand or blood Raw and as I get older I come to appreciate that approach moreover some mask of nice words like my this is not the first time for me I have been in jail I've gotten out before and made an honest run at it but somehow the cards didn't seem to fall in my favor and I had to fold the streets were like an evil seductress calling me to her pleasures fulfilling my greatest desire I soon learned she's never happy she always wants more and I chase after her spending my all until I'm bankrupt and have nothing left to give since I've been down my friends and family have went ghost on me I dread seeing the chaplain afraid he will call my name and let me know someone close has passed away and I couldn't be there my kids are almost grown up and they barely know me but it seems that God if I believe in him Has Smiled upon me and I get another chance at life I'm getting out once again I will breathe in fresh air an experience sweet freedom soon I will open my eyes to someone I love sleeping peacefully beside me not to the lights being turned on at ungodly hour buy a burned-out CEO with an attitude calling count when I hear that last Buzz of the outside gate it will all change or will it am I ready during my time as an inmate I have walked rounds hundreds of them talkin with guys just like me desperate for conversation something meaningful different then the day in and day out nonsense I have come to realize through all of these conversations that those who come to jail in return to jail all those who struggle in five main areas the command center of these five areas begins with what's on your mind your thoughts be careful of your thoughts for your thoughts become your words be careful of your words for your words become your actions be careful of your actions for your actions become your habit be careful of your habits for your habits become your character be careful of your character for your character becomes your destiny we can't escape pain we can't escape the essential nature of Our Lives but we do have a choice we can give in and relent or we can fight preserve and create a life worth living a noble life pain is a fact our evolution of it is a choice.... TaylorMade


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