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In my heart.  I'll keep you.  In my heart.
                            Forever !!!

 Because you're the only one I'm thinking about,
 When someone asks me if I fell in love. 
 Your name rings in my heart and I want
 To shout your name out loud.  

Others want to know who you are
And where you came from. 
 But they don't know 
That you're all I'm looking for. 

 In my mind.  I'll keep you.  In my mind.
                           Forever !!!

 Because you are the only one
 Who gave me the wings, 
Just to see me dancing
 At the height of the mountains. 

 In my thoughts. I'll keep you. In my thoughts.
                            Forever !!!

Because I love your voice
 When you call my name.
 When you make me believe you are in love.

  In my soul.  I'll keep you.  In my soul.
                             Forever !!! 

 Because you're always there, 
After a hard days,
At the end of my shoulder.

  In my heart, in my mind,
 in my thoughts, in my soul,
               I will keep you.
                                            Forever !!!


  • Mar 14, 2020

  • This is really cute!

    Mar 14, 2020

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