It Will Rain |Part 2 Of 10| Read Count : 19

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~ One Year Ago ~

Sage Puth, a 19 year old girl, sat in her room all alone. It was ten o'clock on a Friday night and she was here, at her desk, studying for her senior exams. 

She was 18 years old and a goody-two-shoes. She'd always followed the rules and would never break or bend them. She was the perfect child. She was home at nine and she worked constantly. She put work in, all effort, never taking a break.

She sighed as she put her pen down, closing her notebook. She had medium brown hair and bags were under her eyes. Her make up was still on and she hadn't showered since she'd gotten home.

She stood up and walked to her window, opening it and slowly sitting on the edge. There was a slight breeze as she sat there, listening to the few birds that were outside. She looked up at the full moon and smiled to herself; she didn't see anything so beautiful often.

She then looked down to see kids her age walking down the street, singing and speaking loudly. She tilted her head as she noticed one boy in particular. He had dark olive skin and dirty blonde hair. His eyes were blue; she could see them from where she sat on the third floor of her home.

He then looked up, seeing her in the windowsill. He smiled as he looked back forward, walking towards The Red Pony, a local club where the college kids would go on Friday nights. He was with two other guys and nearly six girls.

Sage sighed to herself, knowing that that was something she could never have. However, she looked to her closet and then to the clock. She smiled to herself, "One time can't hurt.." She whispered as she went to her closet as she jumped off her windowsill.

She opened her closet, quickly grabbing  ripped skinny jeans and a white crop top that had Bangtan wrote across the chest of it. She put the outfit on, including white vans, and looked at herself in the body mirror. She'd never wear these things but, for some reason, she wanted to; she felt herself wanting to. She looked at her make up and reapplied more of it; more than she ever would.

She nodded to herself as she grabbed her iPhone, going to her window after turning off her room lights. She then stepped on the windowsill and closed her eyes as she looked down where her trampoline was.

She looked back at her door and she jumped. She hit the trampoline perfectly, staying in the middle until she was done bouncing. She then crawled off, running out of her lawn. Once she got to the sidewalk, she stopped and took in her house.

Then she started to walk to The Red Pony.


  • Falon Price

    Falon Price

    It Will Rain only has two characters: Sage Puth and Kros Carrigan. There are 10 parts and 8 of them are flashbacks. The story is circled around a single night and how quickly your life can change with one decision.

    Mar 14, 2020

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