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(Warning: This is a fictional story I have created myself. If you are sensitive to medical difficulties, strong language, self harm, demon possession, murder, cannibalism, or suicide, I highly suggest not reading this.)

August 11,
    The dawning of the school year has arrived. New studies and teachers. New and old friends.
    Last year, I gained my most intriguing case.
    Ellaris Owensen, a rather obscere girl. She was the owner of long, dark, and healthy brown hair. Along with that, she had dark smooth skin, and bright green eyes. One could say she was rather appealing.
    She was awfully quite; she had an astonishingly large amount of aquentinces, and extremely low amounts of friends. She actually had no friends. She found it utterly ridiculous to dedicate her time and her love to humans. She thought the world was cruel and pointless. Her heart belonged to food; specifically meat. She had dreams of owning a five star restaurant. 
    Her parents thought otherwise. They preferred she looked into pursuing a career as a scientist or a politician. 
    Though her grades weren't straight A's, she managed to keep up with the other students quite well.
    Low amounts of non-food-related knowledge stayed in her head. Like I mentioned before, her heart belonged to food.
    I've recorded her suspicious behavior for quite some time now. She caught my appeal when I first heard of her case; I immediately committed myself to solving it. Even though, I knew my life was on the line.

August 12, 
    I had the day off yesterday.
    Her first weeks at her upper level school was going quite well. She, obviously, wasn't at a high level of popularity among her peers. No one went out of their way to humiliate her or give her a hard time; rather, it was if she didn't exist. They barely noticed her presence.

August 14,
    I spent the past two days observing her.
    After the mind-numbing amount of loneliness she had in taken, her parental figures showed large amounts of concern for her mental status.
    Their concern started when she spontaneously passed out in the middle of a conversation. Though, she was still awake. Her eyes had rolled to the back of her head, her eerie white pupil showing; sylvia dripping out of her mouth.
    They constantly monitored her for multiple hours, claiming that she'd miscellaneously say things like:
    "Humaninty will pay for their sins,"
     "I will eat,"
     "Eat them,"
     "Flesh. Eat."
    They as well claimed that during this time period, movement was not in possession of her mouth; and she spoke in a different voice.
August 15, 
    Weeks after her incident, things went back to normal... for then... 
        Her parents didn't dare speak of the incident to her, for they feared she would react poorly. Thus, it remained a secret. 

August 16, 
    The exhilaration drastically increased.
    "It was like a nightmare. Her body started shaking uncontrollably, her blood-curdling screams filled our ears. We took her to the hospital. Epilepsy was their best excuse."

August 17,
    "Medication, after medication.  It never ended. It never worked." 
    Her parents comprehended that this was much more than just epilepsy.

August 18,
    Her behavior dramatically plummeted as the months went on. Her poor parents, dedicating their time to researching her symptoms. They eventually had no choice but to temporarily pull her out of her classes, after she had a dramatic episode in her history class.

August 19, 
    Recorded symptoms:
  • Lack of control of bodily fluids
  • Knawing of the wrists 
  • Consumption of one's own blood and skin
  • Desire to consume other's flesh, blood, and muscle
  • Uncontrollable seizures
  • Frequent masturbation
  • Vigorous screaming anand screeching
  • Violence
  • Consuming three other humans and one whole rabid squirrel 
August 20, 
    By the symptoms above, we have came to a conclusion of demon possession.

March 9,
    As of today, she has undergone 75 excorsisms. 

April 2,
    Our subject has appeared to have taken her life.


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