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Your tears flow,
I don't know how to stop them. 
I'm sorry, he didn't deserve your tears. 
Girl, you need to be respected.

  You deserve all the best,
But he give to you only tears. 
Old friend, I want to know that I'm broke into pieces.
But I can try to fix yourself.

  I see the pain in your eyes
And wonder,
What kind of love do you still hide?

  Don't worry,
You will meet someone who will love.
Don't worry,
You will meet someone who can protect.

Don't lose your love, friend.
  Keep it for someone else. 
Who will know how to treat you right.

Do you know what love is for many?
Just a waste of time
And the fear of not being lonely. 

It will take you longer to get stuck
In a relationship that does not work,
Let go of things that have already hurt.

Don't worry, you will be loved by someone
Who can share his emotions with you. 
Don't worry, you will meet someone
Who will kill all the demons to save you. 

Tears fall,
Let them fall to the ground. 
But when you get up,
Get up much stronger than you fell.


  • Mar 13, 2020

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