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We smile, we cry.
We try, we fail.
Many tears have fallen on our face,
But something new will bring us precious smiles. 

We hide, we fight. 
We change, being the same. 
We are winners even after a defeat,
We hardly learn but we forget really fast.

We love, we hate. 
We hurt, we treat.
I feel guilty for bringing the pain,
Yesterday- my lover
And now, we are only two strangers. 

We get up, we go down.
Telling the truth, we lie. 
We let our feelings lead us in the wrong direction,
Our hearts need their protection. 

Slowly, sometimes fast.
  Trying to overcome what's worse. 
It's not as easy as it sounds. 

We jump, we fall.
  We are out of mind when we think
We have at our disposal all the time.

  We play, we lose. 
We pray, we listen. 
Now we are far away
But tomorrow will return in the same places.

We help, we leave.
Let me burn by throwing myself
Into this cold ocean.

We dance, we stay.
We kiss, we fight.
Let me glue the pieces
That have damaged my heart. 
We are still lost
But I hope we can find ourselves.


  • Mar 12, 2020

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