2020: Earth Tiger 🐅 •CHINESE ZODIAC HOROSCOPE Read Count : 12

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Sub Category : History
The year 2020 (year of Metal Rat) has multiple opportunities for all gendered Earth Tigers. The Chinese zodiac belief suggests that our earthed out tigers need to remember 2 fundamental habits when heading into year of the Metal Rat. 1) SPEED; be precise but fast acting 2)CONFIDENCE; use your unique charm this year!

Your strong, willful nature benefits you this year as you push through obstacles like a pile of feathers. Know yourself and trust in your abilities and this recipe will bring you prosperity and success. Look at forging partnerships of all kinds, including collaboration in business deals.

While you're quite focused on your career, there are travel possibilities for you this year. You may be visiting a faraway land, especially one connected with your ancestors. If you get this travel opportunity, consider taking it. Magical things could happen as a result


  • Mar 11, 2020

  • Mar 11, 2020

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