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Sub Category : Pulp Fiction
My best friends let me say I'm a card them Lisa and Bob Lisa is a real good best friend she true to me we hung out we went to school together we're kids young but we always hung out I will come out her house for the summer hangout where her and  We  Listen to music and dance the night away and have  Few drinks  My other best friend Bob he had a wife  And he was cheating on his wife all the  Time he kept  On lying and lying and lie until one day his best friend neighbor Linda knew something was going on right so I figure I'm out he got all paranoid a you know he atheists so he don't believe in God so  She try to figure him out he was scared of his stepson because he is in a  gang  So one day in  December 2018 wow his wife went on to  Out of town he  Was  Cheating on her with a another woman A brought the woman over their house and has sex and they be   He was taken before any other way and 2009 when he was Mary and the only been married 10 years and his wife  In the house for 20 years so   Linda felt uncomfortable in the house like something  Was not right so she felt vibes in the house Then she can hear is that   Stepson outside talking  Loud so Linda did I had to get-up-and-go by the blinds enough to see was tell me the truth the whole time assist those on the phone listen to everything and so  He stop  a lair  And tell her stop playing these   kid games    the  Linda left out his house it  Was cold outside and she had the  catch  Light rail So she walked real fast to the light rail stop got on the light real pay   four Dollars and 20 cents so she got all sit down went downtown got off   caught  A bus this I went up there and met up  With her sister and brother-in-law they came  Pick her up And she told them what happened the next day she had a cold then she was sick for a while then she went home  third  Day she got on a greyhound bus choose so happy go back to Salisbury md   She was so glad To get on the greyhound bus to get home to her family she got some sleep she woke up the next day and cook food  And had drinks with the family and enjoy a so together  Linda other best friend is very  cool  She not like my other best friend the atheist she a good person she down the Earth that is a true friend Linda best friend is a true best friend the end


  • This is the best story I ever wrote in my life and I've been right for 19 years

    Mar 11, 2020

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