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Between me and you
What've I got to prove 
I was born to be wild 
I'm a riot 
A loose cannon 
I got a short fuse with
Wreckless abandoned
I'm the Hot headed mad hatter 
 Whose  one  stubborn cus
Headed straight for disaster
My glass is always half empty
I insist on negativity
I overload with hate 
Lacking superconductivity
My rage is off the charts 
I take it to far when I take it too heart
I make my life so damn hard
I detonate landmines of emotion 
I'm toxic ,radioactive , and explosive
Im poisonous, venomous ,and fatily ferocious, you should know this 
I'll use my cloak and dagger 
To provoke disaster and to catch those lingering
I'll leave a choke point after 
Plus poke holes in your armor and give you dangerous  hazards I'm a mischevious master
My menevolent nature
Is like facing the rapture while 
Tortured  Held captive
I leave Fear in the minds of the frightened 
I'm Always willing too kill you with kindness
I make it worse before it never  gets better 
I'll pull you apart 
Before you keep it together 
Better take cover 
Cause I'm bringing severe weather
Consider This your warning be wise 
 Is it  lightening for sure that delivers thunder 
Or me who makes  you stumble into a slumber while mumbling from under 
Please come hither scared runner
I wanna show you when we wither why wonder
Just so you know I only slither too smother
 I'm a snake in the grass camouflaged and undiscovered..


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