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I am for the state of Michigan to become populist. I am not a national socialist, I'm just a right wing populist. These are some reforms I want to see happen to Michigan. 

Common wealth 
In Michigan both mainland Michigan, and up north split the revenue equally. While Detroit closes, and our roads crumble, up north is making a surplus in revenue. Some people believe we should split it based on population, but I have a different idea, a common wealth. Both areas would pay there expensives, then if there a surplus the money is turned into a bank, if 1 area has a deficit then they would take money from the bank to pay it off. They can also take a certain amount per year to help pay of debt. 

Negative corporate tax 
Aby corruption, company, or store that doesn't outsource would be subsidized. The goal would see how much they spend on wages, and ease the costs with subsidies. This would create more jobs, and make American products cheaper. They would only go to companies that don't outsource so they won't hire an American worker just to make more, while still outsourcing. It is possible as Michigan became richer that we subsidized American wages, but that once we become richer. 

Minimum income 
I believe that the poor should receive a minimum income, if they make just that amount nothing happens, if they make below, there income tax is lowered, if they don't pay income tax, and are still below then the government would provide welfare. In Michigan we have very cold winters, and making sure the poor have enough to go to meijer for soup, and blankets is important. 

Providing jobs 
There should be social programs to help those on the minimum to get private jobs, or be given public jobs. We already have social programs to help people with disabilities get jobs, it maybe easier to get the poor jobs.


  • Mar 10, 2020

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