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As our journey continues through each other's trail and errors in which neither one of knows what kind of mishaps maybe lurking our way but one thing that we can be sure is that no matter what maybe lurking our way is that we are sure that we will always have one another and to be honest here that is for sure a lot more than a lot more than a lot of people have now days is someone who they can say will be with them no matter how rough times get as well as that they know that the love that they share with another human being loves them right back just the same, so with all that has been said when things look rough and tough never forget who will always be by your side and who will always love you just the same because baby we are in this thing till the very end through thick and thin

                      Written By: Donna Ruttenbur

            Original Date Written: March 10,2020


  • Mar 10, 2020

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