Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, in the late night mist it's been told through the country back roads of the thick aerie woods that in the darkest deepest of the bottom of your heart, that the Shadow's out here in the middle of nowhere look as of random human like figures in which they happen to dart either towards you, around you or even a little out in the distance from which you are standing even as if maybe these creepy shadow figures know somehow someway of where the heck of what your journey is  but how, you don't even know where the heck it is that you are planning on going, you were just out here in the middle of nowhere in the mist of the darkest back country roads in the thick aerie woods just to take a moment away from the rest of the world to just take a minute to take a load off your mind by yourself before trying to take on the rest of the world, but now your not too sure if that was the best thing to do after all. Your darkest deepest of the bottom of your heart and now you're getting this over powering gut and heart that these creepy as hell shadow figures are not just following you, darting at you, darting in every which way but that now they are moving in a very quick rate of speed as well as inching closer and closer to you but they seem to be following as well as they are out to over crowd and take over your power and take the very best of you. These aariee shadow figures symbolize Life of when life gets so overwhelming as if all of the problems of life is darting at you, around you as well as in the distance more often than not to the point where it feels as all of life's problems are now crowding you as if they are trying to take over all of your power that you once had at the very beginning of life's problems back when they seemed so small that there was no reason to be overwhelmed not to be bothered by the life little tiny problems, which actually weren't small tiny problems at all they were actually extremely huge as all get out, maybe not as humongous of the problems that feel like the shadow figures out in the darkest mist of the back country roads in the thick aariee woods trapping you in it's own shadowy figure grasps.

WRITTEN BY: Donna Ruttenbur

WRITTEN: February 27,2020