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Thousand of years ago on olympus the sun has borned a girl with brown hair, brown eyes, white skin and surrounded by light her whole body is like a star that have been awakened all of the gods and godesses had cheered in this moment all of them had bow down when the girl opened her eyes and they call her Arrah of the sun all of them believe that she was meant to be the supreme leader of the olympus.On the same day at the starry night the moon had borned a boy with blakc hair, black eyes, white skin and surrounded by a white glow the creatures on the place had praised the boy with such a handsome face that even the gods can't outwit all of them sang for him when he opened his eyes he was called Neon of the moon...Both of the born immortals has been destined to make a outstanding legend for the mortal and immortal realm.

After some years the girl became the legendary leader of olympus she was called by many names like Legendary Goddess, Guardian of the infinity realms and the Goddess of the sun all of them had praised her and devote themselves to her forever...meanwhile like on the light comes a queen the darkness comes a king.The boy became the Supreme leader of the moon he was called by many names too like Supreme Knight, God of the moon, Immortal Shadow all of the creatures in his territory had praised him for they thought that one day this man will be the perfect match for Arrah.

One day Arrah summoned all the gods and goddesses to olympus which includes Neon the gods have told Arrah not to invite him but she said "If i said all the gods i meant ALL of them every single bit that includes Neon of the moon.Besides we were born on the same day and i have never seen him once."


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