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You will fall in love with someone
 Who will seduce you under my eyes,
 And I will not be able to do anything about.

 You will fall in love with the same words
 I told you many times. 
But this time, spoken by another person.

  At the first dispute you will ask my advice 
And I will offer my shoulder to cry on.
 I will cry with you for different reason,
 Me for you and you for your lover.  

And you will return to him and forgiving,
 And I will be like a pillar, 
Trying to get rid of my feelings. 

 You will fall in love with someone else 
If the relationship does not work.
Or maybe you will lose your mind, 
Trying to conquer it,
 In the same way I tried to conquer you.

  And you will ask me again for advice
 And I won't know how to handle.
 The uncomfortable situation
Trying to hidden. 

 You will fall in love many times
 Or just once but never for me. 
But, darling, I will always fall in love with you.


  • Mar 10, 2020

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