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This is how we maybe able to increase the number of jobs, without decreasing the number of restrictions. 

The negative corporate tax 
Any corporations that doesn't outsource would be subsidized, the government would see how much they spend on workers wages, and would ease the costs. This would create more jobs because of the increased revenue, and would artificially decrease the price of American goods because of the extra revenue. 

The elite tax 
This would be a tax on the wealthy, it would be a small tax, and 100% of the tax money would go to small businesses to ease the cost of single handedly running a store, and would give them more to pay workers. 

Lower taxation 
The best thing to do to create jobs is to lower taxes so companies can hire more people. This also increases revenue because those companies are investing in the economy. 

Minimum income 
We not only have to create more jobs, we also have to help the poor, while there poor. The other parts of this bill increase opportunities, but this is a direct hand out. It would create a minimum income, if some makes under that income they would be given welfare, until they reach that number.


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