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Kanisha Walker - a vampire that thinks like a regular human, and always look on the bright side.

Mariah - a day class student, smart, animal lover, and dances

Yui - keeps on tabs on humans and vampires.

Tijuana - deep sleeper and harsh.

Hiro Hisako - kind, shy vampire

Chika Emiko - a magician, clever, love flowers, and always smile.

Hoshi - the bubbly vampire

Izanami - the party vampire

Junko - the strict ruling following vampire

Before we go into the part where Mariah and I are meeting the main characters, I'll give you some short stories

The story goes to Yuki looking at the night sky with the wind blowing, when she sees fireworks.

'This place is suppose to be far from any town', thought Yuki.

"Excuse me", called Chika Emika.

Yuki looks down and sees Chika.

"Are you okay?" asked Chika.

"Yeah! Are these your fireworks?" wondered Yuki.

"Yeah, I accidentally released them to cheer up a little kid, but I opened the big one", Chika explained.

"Oh. Well, you should go. This forest isn't safe", Yuki warned Chika.

"Thank you, let me just do something first", said Chika.

Chika jumps up, put the fireworks in the can, lands on the ground.

Chika waves goodbye, and says "I hope we meet again".

"Wait! What's your name?" asked Yuki.

Chika reaches into the back, showing a magician hat, a scroll appear, and throws it to Yuki.

The scroll lands in Yuki's hands.

"Yours?" asked Chika.

"Yuki!" answered Yuki.

Yuki reads the scroll, and says "Chika".

Chika smiles, and says "Pleasure to meet you, but I sense I should go".

"So, bye and please read the rest, please", said Chika.

Chika runs away and Yuki smiles.

Yuki looks at the scroll and sees a magic show with Chika holding a hat with a smile.

The scene ends with Yuki smiling.

The next story shows Yori is walking in the town, with her head down, and says "I wonder where Yuki is".

At that moment, she sees something past her.

Yori turns around to see Junko.

"Oh. Are you okay?" asked Junko.

"Yes. How about you? Your hand?" questioned Yori.

"Oh. This is only a scratch", Junko smiled.

Yori looks guilty.

The screen switches to Yori wrapping Junko's hand, while Junko is sitting on a bench, and Yori is on her knees.

"Thank you", said Junko.

"Your welcome. So, how did this happen?" asked Yori.

"My friend accidentally stab me, and I'll make her pay", said Junko, with a fiery aura around him.

Yori looks shocked and smiles.

Junko turns around, and says "Oh. I'm sorry, thanks for patching me up and by the way my name is Junko".

"Oh. I'm Yori", said Yori.

"Well, Yori want to join me for a meal?" asked Junko, with a smile.

"Sure, but I shouldn't stay too long", said Yori.

Junko takes Yori.

The scene ends with them running with the sunsetting.

The next scene shows Eri walking around the town, and sees Kaien exit out of an apartment.

"Kainen?" asked Eri, with a cigarette in her mouth.

"Eri?" asked Kainen.

"I never thought I would see you in a place like this", said Eri.

"Same. Is your daughter okay?" wondered Kainen.

"Yeah. I found a good place for her, but she's still hopeless. What about yours?" Eri explains.

"I haven't seen her for a year, but know she's in safe hands", Kainen tells Eri.

"I told you adopting that child wasn't a good idea. But, you insisted", Eri remembered.

"I don't regret it, the night class seem to getting along with the day class and Yuki seem to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, we got into a mishap and now, we only have the day class", replied Kainen.

"I'm glad. Have you been given a hard time?" asked Eri.

"By both sides", answered Kainen.

Eri smiled, rubs Kainen's hair, and says "Stay positive, I like you that way better".

Kainen smilled, and says "Well, I better go back to my school".

"Wait. How about you visit my school?" asked Eri.

"Really?" asked Kainen.

"Yeah. It's just around the corner", said Eri, taking Kainen's hands and leading to her school.

The scene ends with Kainen seeing the school and smiling.

The next scene shows Zero in his apartment, when he sees a girl holding a lunch box.

But, there's a level E behind her.

Zero jumps out of the window and knocks level E.

Hiro turns around frightened, which gets the level E's attention.

Zero uses his gun to take the level E out.

Hiro and Zero look at each other.

"Are you okay?" asked Zero, looking cold.

"I'm...f..fine, who are you?" Hiro stammered.

Zero looks around, and says "Are you a vampire?"

Hiro puts her down, and says "You're one too".

Zero nodded.

'He saved me, yet he is acting cold', thought Hiro, while blushing.

Zero leads Hiro to the bench that Yiro and Junko were sitting.

"Zero", said Zero.

"Huh?" asked Hiro, confused, and turns to Zero.

"My name", Zero made more clear.

"Oh. Mine is Hiro", said Hiro, looking nervous.

"Why are you here alone eating lunch?" asked Zero.

"I...I don't want to eat at school", said Hiro, shyly.

Hiro notices Zero looking at her food, and says "Oh. Do you want some? I have plenty".

"You sure?" asked Zero, surprised.

Hiro smiles, and says "Of course".

Zero seeing Hiro smiling, made him smile a little, then he slowly takes the sandwich.

"Thanks", said Zero.

Hiro blushes at Zero's comment.

While looking at Zero, Hiro sees a glow around him.

'His aura, it's mixed up', thought Hiro.

The next moment, Hiro waves goodbye to Zero, and says "Thanks for having lunch with me".

The screen shows Yui and Tijuana enjoying coffee together, when they see Toga Yagari pass by.

"Well. Well. Well, if it isn't Yagari", Yui recognized him.

Yagari turns around, and says "Yui? Not making any deals today?"

"What about you? I heard you were working at a school", Yui smiled.

"That was only a favor", said Yagari, gritting his teeth.

"Okay, speaking of favor, how's your prodigy? I heard he's a vampire, yet he still wants to be a vampire hunter", Yui recalled.

"Nothing gets past you", Yagari says sarcastically

"I keep tabs on everything", Yui taking Yagari's hat, and puts it on her head.

"Even though, it has nothing to do with you", Tijuana assumed

"Your friend has a point, how does having this information befit you?" Yagari agreed with Tijuana.

"Actually, I was hoping to meet him, and I got this information from a friend of mine", said Yui.

"I hope, your friend doesn't get you in trouble", said Yagari, then walks out the door.

"Glad to see he hasn't changed", replied Yui.

"Were you two close?" asked Tijuana.

"Vampire hunters and Vampires don't exactly get along, and that's how it was for us", answered Yui.

"Natural enemies, but did that stop from seeing him", replied Tijuana.

Yui blushed.

"Ah! Just what I thought", Tijuama smiled.

"Yeah, but he never gave it a chance", said Yui.

"I can fix that" said Tijuana, then leads Yui out of the coffee shop.


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